AFROFY Afro Twister *Review*

I have been curious about using this type of brush to define my hair into styles such as twists, coils and curls. My hair is curly, but I do like a more defined curl and even a tighter curl. When I used the hair brush the first time, I washed and removed most of the water from my hair. Then, I added a leave in conditioner for my styling aid. Finally, I used the brush in a circular motion throughout my hair. I used the same direction circular motion for every area of my hair. This helped in making sure the curl pattern was going in the same direction throughout my hair. I was happy with the results. My curls were tighter and more defined. As a result, my curls lasted longer. The shorter your hair the better the results. I received this hair brush for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


You can purchase the brush:  here

The company website is Afrofy

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