selpHbalance PH Test Strips *Review*

I never thought about finding out how alkaline or acidic I am until I received these PH Test Strips.  PH test strips can be used to determine how acidic or alkaline you are, and change your diet to adjust your acidic or alkaline levels.  I tested my saliva and the results determine I am acidic.  Based on my research I can do the following tasks to balance my pH:  limit my salt intake, eat lots of vegetables and stay hydrated.  These three simple actions can help in my quest to have a balanced pH.  For best results, test your pH balance 2-3 times per day over a longer period of time to receive an average reading.  Here’s to having a balanced pH!  I received these test strips for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

You can purchase pH test strips here

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