Valentina Exfoliating Scrub *Review*


Men need to exfoliate too and when I saw this product I wanted my husband to exfoliate before he shaves. He does experience ingrown hairs and hopefully exfoliating will help alleviate the ingrown hairs.

When the product is opened, you smell a manly fragrance. The fragrance smells like a man’s cologne, which is good and may help men be more accepting of exfoliating. The scrub feels grainy due to the exfoliating ingredients in the product.

My husband used the product and stated his face didn’t feel any different. However, I could look at his face and see the difference the exfoliation made to his face. His skin was brighter and the skin where his beard would be looked smoother.

This exfoliation scrub is a great investment and I would recommend any man that wants better looking skin to use this scrub. You can purchase the  Men’s Efoliating Scrub Here   I received this scrub for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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