Essentrapy SPECv3 Ostoscope Review

Recently, my mom has been experiencing some ear trouble and is waiting to go to her appointment with an ENT. Because of her situation I purchased this Otoscope. Now, I’m able to look in her ears and other family members’ ears. It’s nice to be able to view the ear canal and be able to know that an appointment with the ENT is necessary.
This Ostoscope is physician approved for home and professional use. The device is handy and portable. Even with the batteries inserted, the device is lightweight. It comes with four specula attachments, which is an added bonus. The maker could’ve just included the actual device.

I like that included with the instructions was a link to a video to help with using the device. The video showed where to place the batteries, which was good because I had removed the top portion and thought the batteries went in in that manner.

My only con is the instructions do not state which position the batteries are inserted. I had to figure the placement of the batteries via trial and error. The magnification is 3X, which helps in being able to view the ear canal. The fiber optic LED further helps in viewing the ear can with clarity.

The case the Ostoscope comes in is a nice sturdy case that protects the device during accidental drops. This is a great investment and I’m glad I decided this device because it can be used by everyone in my home.  You can purchase the device   Here

I received this Ostoscope at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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