Indian Healing Clay *Review*

I have used bentonite clay before, but never bentonite clay that included Aloe Vera powder and lemon peel powder. Bentonite Clay is great for removing toxins and excessive oil from your skin. It leaves your skin glowing and smoother to the look and touch.

The instructions suggested mixing with water, Apple cider vinegar, essential oil, carrier oil or a massage oil. I chose to mix with apple cider vinegar. If you’re sensitive to smells like I am, be prepared for your eyes and nose to initially run from the smell of the Apple cider vinegar.

When I first applied the mixture, I felt a slight tingling sensation, which I attributed to the Apple cider vinegar. I bought a cheap makeup brush to apply the mixture evenly to my skin. This tingling sensation soon went away, and I began to feel the tightening of my skin. This tightening was more of a pulling sensation from the toxins being pulled from my skin. Leaving in a metropolitan area it’s good to have the toxins removed from your skin that result from the environment.

The mixture dried in about fifteen minutes and I used warm water to remove the mixture from my skin. After removal, I followed up with a moistirizer. You can also use bentonite clay in your hair, your bath water and as a body massage application.

You can purchase the clay Here. I received this bentonite clay for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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