Chapter 47 of the Book “Annjanette”

Tonight is the last night I will be 47 years old. The night before my birthday I always reflect on the year. I think about my trials, tribulations and triumphs. My goal is to be s better me every year, and vow to not let the same things that caused me to stumble this year, cause me to stumble next year.
I have dealt with some things that I have never dealt with before, and some things that I thought I would never have to deal with again. I look back in amazement that I’m still standing. Like Marvin Sapp says in his song “Never Would’ve Made It.”

I’m stronger, I’m wiser

I’m better, much better

When I look back over all you brought me through

I can see that you were the one I held on to

The you that I held on to is God. I don’t know how anyone can navigate life without Him. I’ve been through some things this year that I could have legit lost my mind, BUT GOD said not so!! 

I took control of my health for real this past year. Not how I had done in the past, but with consistency. Little steps turned into bigger steps and now I see my progress. I’ve lost 75lbs so far!

I’m trying to live a life of quality not quantity. I don’t want to live a long time aided by medication. I want a quality life that includes living life to the fullest while healthy. 

As I reflect, I have no regrets. Every test has become a part of my story. My story shows the essence of Annjanette. My story has helped develop the strong, God-fearing confident woman I am today.

I’m ready for Chapter 48 of the book titled “Annjanette.”

When Will It End?!

Listen, I know I may not speak for all women, but I’m ready for this to end! I feel like I’ve done my time. I contributed to society by having two children that are contributing members to society and the economy. I shouldn’t have to suffer month after month. It’s time for my period to end! Be gone already!  

Since the age of thirteen, my period has been a constant companion. If I can’t depend on anything else, she’s always right on time. Now that I’m older she makes her entrance a monthly surprise. She comes when she wants too, or not at all.  

It’s time for us to part ways. It’s been real, but enough is enough. I don’t want to buy another pad or tampon. I want to take that money and buy something else with it. I’ve been living for the day when I will be period-free! I believe the day I decided I didn’t want anymore children she should’ve went away quietly.  

She doesn’t go away quietly. She does her best to wreak havoc in your life before she leaves. She sends false signals that she’s leaving. Then she comes back with a vengeance. What kind of hocus pocus magic is this? Leave and leave now.

I’ve decided when she finally leaves and stays gone I’m throwing a party in honor of her departure! I’m inviting everybody! I’ll be giving away every pad and tampon that I still own, and I’ll even by some for party favors. My gift to those who still need them. My party will be a celebration to the entrance of menopause. I can’t wait!

Korryn Gaines

All I’m saying about Korryn Gaines is treat Black women the way you treat White women in these situations. Look at this video from 2015 and tell me did she receive equal treatment. 

What irks me even more is Black women are the main ones showing zero empathy or compassion, but without any hesitation support a Black man without knowing the full story. 

Why do Black women find it easier not to support each other?! #korryngaines #sayhername

Police and White Woman

21st Century Feminism….

Well said!

The Urban Talented Tenth

Lately, it has become a common fad of the media to criticize, or rather scrutinize any woman who wants to show her sexuality on a public platform. I’ve personally ignored these poor attempts at trying to evoke some type of outrage amongst the “feminists” of the world, mainly because I thought we as a gender evolved past the point of being boxed in by the stereotypes of what a woman should act like.

Unfortunately, after reading and overhearing many comments and conversations about the subject I’ve realized that we as women, have created a new box for ourselves.

In the year 2014, an age where women are CEOs, possible presidential candidates (go Hilary!), millionaire entrepreneurs & so much more; we have still managed to construct a standard of what a good woman should be. So many feminists have taken a stance against women who openly express their sexuality, women who…

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Good Girls Finish Last!

Where are my good girls? You know who you are… Good girls are the girls who try their best to do everything the right way. Good girls are the ones who were taught right from wrong and how to act appropriately in all situations. Good girls are the ones who may have had the title “church girl” attached to their description. We had to go to church, get good grades, sing in the choir, be on the usher board, etc. The list can go on and on.

Well, somewhere along the way, we decided we wanted to be like everyone else: go to the club, have a drink, even have sex before marriage. What happens to the good girls, when they do those things? The good girls always seem to get caught up! The good girls are the ones that get pregnant and have the baby. The good girls are the ones that may have something bad happen to her, while she’s “out there in them streets.” The good girls come full circle. We return to our first teachings and roots. We take our child (package) with us and do things the way we were taught to do them. When we return we may have some baggage, and maybe even a little more cynical; but we return.

You may ask why she is saying good girls finish last. Finishing last in this situation works in our favor. Yes, we have made some mistakes, but now we are better, stronger and wiser. We are ready to be uncompromising in what we want, and we are more appreciative of the blessings we receive.

We finish last because we choose to wait for what’s best for us. We see through all the mess and choose to wait for what’s best for us in every aspect of our lives. In our waiting we are shaped and molded into a better woman. This better woman, the good girl, she finishes last.

She receives everything God has designed for her, and she can say with a smile on her face – GOOD GIRLS FINISH LAST!